How To Start A Car Rental Company

The car rental business is one which is always in demand. This is because people will always need to hire a car on a short-term basis for various reasons such as a work trip, going on holiday, or while their automobile is in the garage. The car rental industry can, therefore, be a lucrative and rewarding area to work in, but it can also be a competitive space while also being difficult to stand out from the crowd. So, how can you succeed in the car rental industry? Read on for a few tips for getting started and how you can go on to find success:

Type Of Business & Your Fleet

First, you will need to decide what type of rental business you will operate. This could be a company that offers customers (usually individuals) daily hire or short term hire, or alternatively, you could lease automobiles for a longer period (this option is usually for businesses). Once you have decided this, it should help you to decide on the vehicles that you purchase (choose a selection so that there is a type for all needs).


A professional-standard website is an absolute must. This website should contain details (including photographs) or your entire range; you could even have the option for customers to arrange their rental online through ecommerce platforms to make it quick and easy for them to arrange a rental. In addition to having a high-quality website, you should also use internet marketing to increase your visibility online and use social media to engage with your customers and promote your business.


It is important to find a suitable location which is safe, spacious, and easy to find. Ideally, this will be near transport hubs like airports, train stations and hotels so that you can get more business passing through.


Before opening the business, you also need to make sure that you have enough insurance in place. This will include fleet insurance and car rental excess insurance for customers. It can also be helpful to have a system in place for checking your customers before leasing them an automobile. You should also carefully craft a rental agreement for customers to sign to ensure that the vehicles are well looked after.

 Promoting Your Business

Finally, you will want to raise awareness about your company to attract customers through the door. As mentioned, internet marketing is a great way to do this, but you could also look into more traditional forms of marketing and getting involved with the local community. One excellent idea is to team up with local businesses to help each other, such as pairing with a local hotel where customers can get a discount on their hotel room when they hire a car from your company.
The car rental industry is one which can be rewarding to work in and one which is always in demand. It can also be competitive and hard to break into, but the above tips should help you to set up and operate a profitable company and to make a name for yourself in the industry.

Six Ways To Save $$$ On Your Xmas Rental Car

  1. Book Early: Firstly, save by booking your rental car two months ago, sorry 🙂 If you leave it any longer you will get really stuck, so book ASAP. At least you will know this for next holiday season.
  2. Use comparison sites: like , and and you are bound to get the best rates.
  3. Off Airport Rentals: Don’t get the rental at the airport as there are airport loading fees and generally the rates are more expensive.
  4. City Versus Suburbs: Check out  the rates suburb by suburb as you can sometimes get better deals outside the city centre locations.
  5. Standalone Car Rental Excess: Don’t take up the car rental companies’ offer to reduce your deductibles or excess liability, more commonly called CDW (collision Damage Waiver) This can nearly double your rental. Use standalone car rental excess reduction sites like . Their cover starts at around $9 per day and reduces down to around $5 per day over 15 days and covers ALL incidences including windscreens, single vehicle accidents, overhead damage etc. Use your AU or NZ Frequent Flyer number for a further 10%.
  6. Discount Codes. Look out for discount codes like this one:  47684365   This will give you a 15% discount with Europcar, for example:

With Code:e1
Without code:

iPhone and Android apps are Now Available

Yahooo! After much delay our iPhone and Android apps are now available for free download at the iTune and Google Play stores. Simply go to iTunes and Google play sites and search for Tripcover.

View on iTunes website

View on Google Play website

Now, when you are at the rental desk you can decide to by-pass the car rental companies expensive excess reduction offer (between $22 to $27) and simply use the Tripcover app  to cover your rental, from $9.30 per day, while you are heading to pick up your car.

Thrifty, The Smiling Assassin and Debit Cards

I hired a car today from Thrifty.

Of course I used Tripcover to cover my excess and reduce it to $0 for $13.60 per day.

When I got to the Thrifty rental desk I was told that if I wanted to use my MC debit card that they would need to take the $3300 excess out of my account right now. Otherwise I was going to have to take out their very expensive $27 or $33 excess cover. I told the guy that I did not have $3300 in my account and he simply smiled and said “I knew that, as most people usually don’t”. Ca-Ching!! His eyes lit up with $  $ signs.

I told him that I already had insurance with Tripcover and he smiled again and said his hands are tied. Finally When I told him that I thought that this was outrageous he simply smiled again and said ” I know!”

I think Thrifty should make their policy clear with regards debit cards as the car rental company knows that once we get to the desk we have little or no choice at that point.

PS. When I returned the car I pointed out that their terms and conditions on their website
did not indicate this new policy. I was told that it was so new that it was not on their website. Go figure! I am supposed to know about their new policy by rolling up to their desk and get informed on the spot. I think this is why the ACCC has targeted the car rental industry because of this type of treatment of their customers. Although they were apologetic this time, I will be calling their head office and requesting a refund of my $27 extra insurance that I was forced to purchase, with no mention in their T&C.

PPS: Yeah! I got a response from head office and all is good, I think.

Good afternoon Mr Sherlock and thank you for taking the time to get in touch with us.

As a Blue Chip member no bond is payable from you at any time.  There has clearly been an issue with our staff member on front counter misinterpreting an internal directive and I hope that you can accept my apologies for any confusion and any pressure to reduce your damage liability against your wishes.  I have today directed our accounts department to refund $27.94 back to your debit card.

Once again, I do apologise for any inconvenience.

Kind regards