A Typical Greedy Car Rental Company

Check this out and see why finding an alternative to the car rental companies’ insurance is a necessity. If you have ever rented a car in Australia or New Zealand you will notice the sinking feeling you get while at the rental desk.

We have been in the car rental industry for over 15 years and the one thing that we found that the customer hated is dealing with the insurance.

Below are the rates of a typical greedy car rental company for their CDW
(Collision Damage Waiver – they are not allowed to refer to it as insurance)

  • They leave you with $6000 liability
  • For $38 a day they reduce your liability to $1100
  • For $49 a day they will reduce your liability to $550

That can be more than the rental itself!

Alternatively Tripcover’s rates start from $9.30 per day with a $300 excess and
reduces down to $5.61 over a 15 day rental.


Another Good Reason to Take Out a Tripcover Policy


ProductReview Quote:
“I rented a car in late June to drive to southern Victoria with my family. On our way to Melbourne, we hit a kangaroo at a very slow speed.It damaged a fog light and broke the bumper. The result was a big repair bill. Thankfully, I bought Tripcover insurance for the trip. After I got the invoice from the car rental company, I filled in the claim form and attached the invoice, rental contract and damage report to the insurance company. They asked for the detailed invoice and within about 10 days, i got my reimbursement less a small amount. I would use Tripcover again.” Alf

And don’t for get that AAA members can now use their 16 digit membership card number to get a 5% discount with Tripcover.

Do your research to avoid car rental shocks


Rental cars are costly. If the upfront hire fees aren’t enough, there are lots of other charges that can double the cost. That can be anything from increased insurance costs to reduce excesses, to hiring a child seat.

If you know how the system works, however, it’s possible to minimise costs.

If you’re booking a hire car, the first thing to do is to use comparison engines that list more than one rental car company……more>


Company Policy Now Available


Now your company can cover ALL the eligible aged drivers employed in your company.
Yes, that’s right, why pay the car rental company’s expensive corporate excess insurance rate when you can use Tripcover’s much cheaper car rental excess insurance.

Simply have the car rental agreement in your company’s name and away you go.
Reduce your corporate rate with the car rental company and save. Just let them know that
you do not need their CDW or Collision Damage Waiver to cover your company’s excess
anymore and each time you take a rental out get one of our policies for the employee.