How To Make A Long Car Journey Entertaining

If you find yourself on a long car journey, it can very easy to become bored. Whether you are on a family vacation, work trip or any other kind of journey, you will want to find a few ways to make the trip more enjoyable so that it will go by faster. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can make a car journey more fun if you are a passenger and in some cases for the driver too. So, if you have a long road trip ahead of you and you want to make it more enjoyable then try one or all of the following:


One of the most obvious ways to make the car journey more entertaining is to play a few games and there are many terrific car games that you could consider:


  • I Spy
  • 21 Questions
  • While You Were Sleeping
  • The Movie Game
  • Fortunately/Unfortunately
  • The Alphabet Categories

These are just a few fun car games, but there are many more to consider which can be great fun and a good way to pass the time.

Listen To An Audiobook/Podcast

It can be difficult to read when you are a passenger in a car which is why listening to an audiobook or a podcast is a smart idea (this can also be a good activity if you are the driver). This will help the time to fly by and allow you to learn something new or tick off a book that you have been meaning to read for a long time.

Listen To New Music

A car trip is also a good chance to listen to some new music. You could always put your favourite albums on but this is the perfect opportunity to try something new whether this is a recommendation from a friend or simply an artist that you have head a lot about but never listened to before.

Betting/Online Games

It is hard to get bored when you have a smartphone and betting and/or online games can make any car trip much more entertaining. Sports betting is a good choice because you can closely follow the action during the trip which will pass the time and give you something else to talk about.

Meaningful Conversations

When you are stuck in a car with one person or more for a few hours you will want to have a few topics of conversation in mind. This can be a good opportunity to have deep and meaningful conversations (depending on who you are travelling with) and get to know each other a bit better.

No matter where you are headed, a long car journey can quickly become very tiresome and boring. It is for this reason why you should think ahead and plan a few ways that you can make the trip more enjoyable for all. These are just a few ideas and you could try one or all of the following to make the trip fly by and make the most of this time spent with those you are travelling with.

4 Things Your Car Insurance May NOT Cover!

Most people enjoy their problem-free holiday without worry; however, it’s estimated that as many as one in six holidays have something go wrong due to trip cancellation, lost baggage, stolen items, car rental damage and more. While some of these mishaps are totally unforeseen, most are predictable or even preventable.

Car accidents are one of those problems that are predictable, and while they’re not always completely preventable, there are certain steps that you can take in order to protect your financial well being before putting the rubber to the road. Conversely, the other option is to not purchase insurance, which can ultimately lead to a hefty bill if your insurance company refuses to pay out on your claim.

Steve Sherlock, co-founder and CEO of and licensed agent in 50 states, recommends the following approach, “You should take a closer look at your insurance policies next time you rent a car or go on vacation. Chances are that you’ll be surprised what isn’t covered and how many excess charges and fees could arise. To prevent losing your money, you should understand what coverage is provided for your vacation and supplement it where needed.”

  1. There’s a Limit for Your Car Insurance 

Standard auto insurance is legally required and important for all drivers, but it will not always cover damages, accidents or theft when renting a car. Even if your auto insurance policy covers rental cars both at home and abroad, chances are you’ll still find yourself with a $2,000 to $4,000 bill for certain damages, deductible payments or bills that exceed your coverage limit if you get into an accident. The challenge is that many rental companies don’t inform policyholders of the potential out-of-pocket expenses unless you seek them out or before it’s too late.

  1. There’s a Lack of Personal Accident Coverage

When travelling outside of the country, it’s important to ensure that you and your family are covered in the event of an accident. In most foreign countries your medical insurance will not be valid and unless you purchase insurance to protect your family you’ll be on the hook for medical emergencies, evacuation and anything else that could potentially occur. For this reason you’ll see many travellers purchase travel insurance or some sort of specific medical coverage for an upcoming trip.

  1. The Liability Coverage May be Inadequate

It’s also important to have insurance coverage to pay for claims against you from people who may sue after an accident. Personal liability insurance should protect you from bearing the cost of injury and damage litigation in the event that you cause an accident in your rental car. In addition, in countries where auto insurance is non-mandatory or unpopular, you may want to consider purchasing a policy that provides you with coverage if a third party is liable for an accident, but does not have any insurance.

  1. What Damage is Not Typically Covered?

If you are planning a vacation with a rental car, consider what you’re willing to pay for in the event of damage or an accident. If you accidentally damage your windshield, lights, bumpers, trim, overheads, undercarriage, wheels or tires and you haven’t purchased rental car insurance (aka collision damage waiver) then there’s a good chance you’re paying out of pocket.

However, if you’d rather have the peace of mind of paying $7.99 a day and having everything covered versus risking having to pay a deductible, for damage or theft of the car, then car rental damage insurance is probably the best bet for your trip. Car rental damage insurance can increase the likelihood of a smooth vacation and can help keep everyone a little more at ease in case of an accident. To learn more about car rental damage insurance visit, one of the few companies that offers primary insurance that will reimburse you up to $35,000 in repairs, replacement of the rental car for any reason out of your control and any deductible at a fraction of the cost of major car rental companies.

Ultimate Guide To Rental Car Insurance (Guest Post)

Car Rental Excess Insurance

Guest Blog Post

You’ve heard this one. It’s the birthday of someone special. In your opportune hours of kindness and generosity, you planned to put them behind the wheel of a nice car and travel somewhere special, maybe even somewhere magical. You didn’t purchase rental car insurance.

Things didn’t go as planned.

It might have been an accidental dent on your door from a nearby car, or perhaps you were simply blamed for damage that you missed during the inspection when you were at peak excitement for the adventure ahead. Was it really your fault? You hand the keys back with a whopping $5000 hit to your credit card and a sour taste in your mouth as you utter… more>


Why Tripcover is Cheaper Than Allianz



I am thinking about purchasing a rental vehicle excess insurance and have a question regarding the quotes on your website.

I see that the insurance you provide is from Allianz. I have asked Allianz for a quote and their premium is higher than yours for a 16 day rental:

$4000 AUD excess with Allianz costs $281 AUD and with you $135 AUD

$6000 AUD excess with Allianz costs $383 AUD and with you $295 AUD

Can you please help me understand why is there such a difference? Is the cover the same regardless of getting it through you or through the Allianz website?

Thank you.


Exact same policy Josey, only you are paying a premium with Allianz and Hiccup (they are the system provider) as they are covering
21 to 75 year olds in the same policy.

We have split our policy up to:
25 to 75 and
21 to 24 year olds

So if you were 22 years old our’s would cost you around the same price as with Allianz

Crashing dollar

Do your research to avoid car rental shocks


Rental cars are costly. If the upfront hire fees aren’t enough, there are lots of other charges that can double the cost. That can be anything from increased insurance costs to reduce excesses, to hiring a child seat.

If you know how the system works, however, it’s possible to minimise costs.

If you’re booking a hire car, the first thing to do is to use comparison engines that list more than one rental car company……more>


Company Policy Now Available


Now your company can cover ALL the eligible aged drivers employed in your company.
Yes, that’s right, why pay the car rental company’s expensive corporate excess insurance rate when you can use Tripcover’s much cheaper car rental excess insurance.

Simply have the car rental agreement in your company’s name and away you go.
Reduce your corporate rate with the car rental company and save. Just let them know that
you do not need their CDW or Collision Damage Waiver to cover your company’s excess
anymore and each time you take a rental out get one of our policies for the employee.