Europcar Excess Buy Down Rate Details (lack of)

Now I don’t want to be cynical but I cannot work out why Europcar do not include any rates for their excess and the rates to buy down my exposure.

Their latest site has the tagline “moving your way”. Well if they were moving my way ans the way of the trades practices act they would be including their rates with full disclosure
of any fees on top so that I can make an informed decision.

I have emailed them the following below and am still waiting for their reply stay tuned.

     Can you tell me the excess I would be up for and how much does
     each buy down cost?

     BTY I am wondering why you simply do not have these rates on your website??


     Des XS

Europcar’s reply:

Thank you for your enquiry,

We are unable to respond from this address in relations to your enquiry; however we
are more than happy to assist you with your requirements by  contacting us on the
following for an immediate answer.
   Contact Europcar Reservations Centre by Phone

When I rang the reservation centre and asked them if they would send me the buy-down rates to reduce their excess she refused, offering to just tell me over the phone.