The power of patience

The power of patience – Flying Solo Article

By Peter Crocker – In a world that glorifies rapid growth, romanticises rags-to-riches stories and lauds overnight sensations, you’d think that business success hinges on dreaming up the next big idea. Does it really? …..more

My Comment:
After reading the E-myth about 12 years ago Peter, I was inspired to do business a better way. The internet facilitates this type of thinking and can potentially earn us relatively passive income if done correctly. 12 years on, going bankrupt, and losing about 100K, I still grasp onto that belief or hope but understand that it still could be a pipe dream.

I will let you know if I get there with my latest venture TripCover car rental excess insurance, but I agree with you one needs patience, patience and more patience.

Peter’s reply:
Hi Des, I read the e-myth ‘contractors’ version quite a few years ago too and it made a big impression on me. I checked out your new venture too, looks interesting, I liked your proposed advertising images especially 🙂
I wish you patience and all the best with the new venture! Hopefully you’ll fill us in as you progress.