Tighening Your Drive-Travel Financial Belt

imagestDuring these times we are all looking to tighten our financial belts and it
is no different when we are travelling.

One way you can save heaps on your next car rental is by polietly refusing
the desk staff’s offer to reduce the $3300 excess. Then go to Tripcover’s
website or use the iPhone or Android app to cover your car rental excess
in 3 simple steps.

From as low as $5.51 per day (over 15 day rental), Tripcover’s rates are
up to 75% less than the car rental companies which can be more than
$33 per day. And you can even get a 10% frequent flyer dscount.

Alternatively you could drive with the $3300 excess dangling over your
head but this can be expensive in the event of an accident and also an
extra worry when you are traveling.

The down side to Tripcover’s cover is that in the event of an accident
the car rental company will charge your credit/debit card and renters
will need to claim the reimbursement from Alllianz Global Assistance.

It is all a matter of weighing up the risks but using Tripcover to reduce your
exposure is now a real option, with NZ and international policy options
coming next month and also an annual policy in August this year.