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Latest posts on ProductReview from one of our customers tells two tales sad and sorry tale of abuse and bad behavior from a car rental company and a happy ending by using Tripcover

Here is the review the same customer left about Tripcover and Allianz Global Assistance team.
Tripcover Product Review by Jun L

Excellent Service
5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 21, 2016

“I’ve registered for Tripcover’s insurance cover prior to renting a car while on holiday in Australia.

After wrongly accused of causing damages on a car I’ve rented which the damages are there to begin with, the car rental company had charged AUD 1k worth of repair costs. It was a stressful situation to be in where the rental company doesn’t respond in an appropriate manner and take accountability of solving the dispute.

Tripcover provided excellent customer service and my insurance claim was settled within their specified assessment days. Tripcover has made an otherwise stressful situation, hopeful. I would recommend Tripcover to anyone who is looking for insurance cover on car rentals and not pay the high excess charge offered by rental companies”.

Out of 410 reviews Europcar has 1.4 stars.
Read for yourselves and make your own judgement:
Europcar on Product Review by Jun L


Car rental scam charging $1000 for damages

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 21, 2016,

“Used this awful car rental service (Europcar) in October last year and that will be the first and the last.

In short, I was accused of causing damages to the vehicle, rear bumper, windshield, dents in the car when returning the car at Melbourne airport. The car was given with damages in on the day of rental itself but the staff over at St Kilda office failed to note them down in the rental agreement even though they have, in person, came and look at the the car with me. Fortunately, I have snapped photos with a time stamp to capture this. Unfortunately though, when the photos were sent to Europcar as part of the dispute settlement, they do not own up to it by not responding.

Horrible service and unethical practices. Do not use this SCAM of a car rental company”.