6 Business Ideas For Car Lovers

Car lover? Many people have a passion for automobiles and believe that it can be nothing more than a hobby. This is not the case as there are many professions involving cars which would suit any car lover. Seeing as cars play such a huge role in modern day life, it means that there are many different ways that you could earn money through vehicles either as a part-time job or as your main source of income. So, if you have a passion for automobiles and you are looking to embark on a new career then read on for a few business ideas.

  1. Car Salesman

The most obvious profession involving cars is to become a salesman. This is a terrific job if you have an interest in automobiles because you get to use your knowledge every day, you get to work with a wide range of cars and help people to make important decisions. This can also be a lucrative career to pursue if you have the skills required to sell.

  1. Car Rentals

An alternative to being a car salesman is to set up your own rental store. There will always be a demand for car rentals as people will always go on holiday or travel for work which will require a vehicle in the short term.

  1. Mechanic

If your passion lies more with mechanics and how cars work then opening your own garage is a great business idea and one which is always in demand. Even if you are not a mechanic, you could still open up a garage and hire people who know how to work on cars.

  1. Ecommerce Store

The ecommerce industry is booming right now, and this can easily be capitalised on by car-loving entrepreneurs. You could set up an online shop which sells official merchandise, model figures, magazines, posters, calendars, tools, accessories and just about any other product related to cars. It is also relatively straightforward to set up an international ecommerce store so that you can sell to people all around the globe.

  1. Writer

If you have expert knowledge on cars and you have a way with words, then you could look to become a car writer. This could involve either writing for a website or magazine or setting up your own car website where you could include car reviews, previews, special features, interviews, galleries and much more.

  1. Driving School

Teaching people how to drive is an incredibly rewarding job as you are making a huge difference in their lives and providing them with a tremendous amount of independence. This also allows you to work with cars every day and there will always be demand for this role.

These are just a few business ideas for car lovers which could help them to make a living out of their passion. Vehicles play a very important role in today’s day and age which means that there will always be ways that you can make money from cars whether you are selling them, writing about them or working on them.

How To Make A Long Car Journey Entertaining

If you find yourself on a long car journey, it can very easy to become bored. Whether you are on a family vacation, work trip or any other kind of journey, you will want to find a few ways to make the trip more enjoyable so that it will go by faster. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can make a car journey more fun if you are a passenger and in some cases for the driver too. So, if you have a long road trip ahead of you and you want to make it more enjoyable then try one or all of the following:


One of the most obvious ways to make the car journey more entertaining is to play a few games and there are many terrific car games that you could consider:


  • I Spy
  • 21 Questions
  • While You Were Sleeping
  • The Movie Game
  • Fortunately/Unfortunately
  • The Alphabet Categories

These are just a few fun car games, but there are many more to consider which can be great fun and a good way to pass the time.

Listen To An Audiobook/Podcast

It can be difficult to read when you are a passenger in a car which is why listening to an audiobook or a podcast is a smart idea (this can also be a good activity if you are the driver). This will help the time to fly by and allow you to learn something new or tick off a book that you have been meaning to read for a long time.

Listen To New Music

A car trip is also a good chance to listen to some new music. You could always put your favourite albums on but this is the perfect opportunity to try something new whether this is a recommendation from a friend or simply an artist that you have head a lot about but never listened to before.

Betting/Online Games

It is hard to get bored when you have a smartphone and betting and/or online games can make any car trip much more entertaining. Sports betting is a good choice because you can closely follow the action during the trip which will pass the time and give you something else to talk about.

Meaningful Conversations

When you are stuck in a car with one person or more for a few hours you will want to have a few topics of conversation in mind. This can be a good opportunity to have deep and meaningful conversations (depending on who you are travelling with) and get to know each other a bit better.

No matter where you are headed, a long car journey can quickly become very tiresome and boring. It is for this reason why you should think ahead and plan a few ways that you can make the trip more enjoyable for all. These are just a few ideas and you could try one or all of the following to make the trip fly by and make the most of this time spent with those you are travelling with.

How To Start A Car Rental Company

The car rental business is one which is always in demand. This is because people will always need to hire a car on a short-term basis for various reasons such as a work trip, going on holiday, or while their automobile is in the garage. The car rental industry can, therefore, be a lucrative and rewarding area to work in, but it can also be a competitive space while also being difficult to stand out from the crowd. So, how can you succeed in the car rental industry? Read on for a few tips for getting started and how you can go on to find success:

Type Of Business & Your Fleet

First, you will need to decide what type of rental business you will operate. This could be a company that offers customers (usually individuals) daily hire or short term hire, or alternatively, you could lease automobiles for a longer period (this option is usually for businesses). Once you have decided this, it should help you to decide on the vehicles that you purchase (choose a selection so that there is a type for all needs).


A professional-standard website is an absolute must. This website should contain details (including photographs) or your entire range; you could even have the option for customers to arrange their rental online through ecommerce platforms to make it quick and easy for them to arrange a rental. In addition to having a high-quality website, you should also use internet marketing to increase your visibility online and use social media to engage with your customers and promote your business.


It is important to find a suitable location which is safe, spacious, and easy to find. Ideally, this will be near transport hubs like airports, train stations and hotels so that you can get more business passing through.


Before opening the business, you also need to make sure that you have enough insurance in place. This will include fleet insurance and car rental excess insurance for customers. It can also be helpful to have a system in place for checking your customers before leasing them an automobile. You should also carefully craft a rental agreement for customers to sign to ensure that the vehicles are well looked after.

 Promoting Your Business

Finally, you will want to raise awareness about your company to attract customers through the door. As mentioned, internet marketing is a great way to do this, but you could also look into more traditional forms of marketing and getting involved with the local community. One excellent idea is to team up with local businesses to help each other, such as pairing with a local hotel where customers can get a discount on their hotel room when they hire a car from your company.
The car rental industry is one which can be rewarding to work in and one which is always in demand. It can also be competitive and hard to break into, but the above tips should help you to set up and operate a profitable company and to make a name for yourself in the industry.