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For full details on all questions please refer to the policy's PDS for:
Australians and overseas visitors in Australia (Domestic Policy PDS) or Australians going overseas (International Policy PDS)


1. What do you cover?

Tripcover covers the excess liability, up to the selected value of either $4000 or $6000, for theft and the following:
  • Multi vehicle accidents and single vehicle accidents (SVA)
  • Cracked or damaged windscreens
  • Tyres, wheels and undercarriage damage
  • Overhead damage
  • Third party damage
  • Lights damage
  • Covers the eligible age drivers listed on the car rental agreement.
  • Bumpers and trim (excludes normal wear and tear which is covered by car rental company).

2. What is Car Rental Excess Reimbursement Insurance?

The Tripcover car rental excess insurance covers the excess fees for your car rental damage plus multi and single vehicle accidents (SVA), cracked windscreens, flat tyres, lights, undercarriage and overhead damage.The Allianz Global Assistance rental vehicle excess insurance product that Tripcover sells, provides cover for excess reimbursement. So if there is damage to the rental vehicle and you are charged an excess/liability amount by the rental company, you can submit a claim to be reimbursed for the excess amount you were charged.

3. Who underwrites Tripcover?

Tripcover’s insurance policies are managed by Allianz Global Assistance and underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited.

4. How do I make a claim?

To find out more about claims visit our claims tips page or call Australia Customer Service: 1300 725 154

5. Can I cancel my policy any time before I travel? (*14 day cooling off period)

Tripcover's 14 cooling off period - If you decide that you do not want this policy, you may cancel it within 14 days after the issue of your Certificate of Insurance and before you have travelled, simply call 1300 725 154 or email us at email us at email @ and we can cancel your policy and refund your credit card. You will be given a full refund of the premium you paid, provided you have not started your journey and you do not want to make a claim or to exercise any other right under the policy.

6. Can I use Tripcover for campervans?

Yes on vehicles up to 4.5 Tonne and up to $8000 excess for Australia Domestic and international Policies.
(we do not cover rental utes, trucks and vans used for commercial purposes)

7. How many drivers are covered?

This policy covers all Authorised and eligible age drivers listed on the car rental agreement.

8. Can I purchase a policy for a single day?

Yes , you do not need to buy a minimum number of days. Our policy day goes for 24 hours from the time of pick up.

9. I am from overseas, can I use your site to reduce my excess in Australia?

Yes, overseas visitors are welcome to use Tripcover's Domestic Policy. You can either register your policy from overseas or here in Australia, while travelling here. You can still use your overseas address during the registration process. Should you need to submit a claim, you will have a choice of bank direct deposit or cheque payment for your reimbursement.

10. What happens if I need to modify my policy?

To modify your policy call the following phone number 1300 725 154 quoting your policy number that is on your certificate of insurance emailed to you. Alternatively you can email us at email @ and we can cancel your existing policy and issue you with a new policy.

11. How much does Tripcover cost?

Our new rates are designed for long and short term rentals. Our rates to reduce your excess liability from $4000 down to $300, start from $9.30 and reduces to $5.51 over 15 day rental and down to $5.45 over 22 days. For more details go to our quote page Quote page.or check out our Products page.

12. Does the policy cover theft & damage PLUS: windscreens, multi & single vehicle accidents (SVA), tyres, lights, & undercarriage?

YES! We now cover the above mentioned excess provided you stay within the terms and conditions of the product disclosure statement.

13. What payment methods does Tripcover accept?

We only accept Visa and Mastercard and now PayPal on our website however you can also use our client service call centre on 1300 725 154

14. What are the main restrictions with the Tripcover policy?

Our customers must be of an:
  • Eligible age for Plans A, C & Inter. is 21 to 75yo. & for Plans B & D is 25 to 75yo.
  • Stay within your rental car agreement
  • The policy does not cover commercial type rental vans or utes.
  • For more travel restrictions terms, conditions and exclusions please read
    the Domestic Policy PDS .
    the International Policy PDS.

15. Are there any location restrictions?

Your Tripcover car rental excess insurance Domestic Policy can be used anywhere throughout Australia or in your local suburb with no expectations for you to "travel". However there may be limitations as per your rental agreement in driving on unsealed roads or in snow fields for example. Remember that no benefit is payable where the claim arises from operation or use of the Rental Vehicle in violation of the rental agreement.

16. Single and Multi trip - No Annual cover Sorry?

When you use Tripcover you are only covered for the duration of your rental agreement with the car rental company. For every rental agreement you get you will need another Tripcover policy. We do not have Multi Trip / Annual cover at present.

17. Can I use my frequent flyer number with Tripcover?

Yes you can use your Australian Frequent Flyer number (should be either 10 or 7 digit number) to get a 5% discount when getting a car rental excess policy with Tripcover.

18. Can I extend my policy?

Yes you can extend your policy by simply buying another policy before or on the day of expiry.

19. Does Tripcover cover 4x4s, campervans and minibuses?

Yes the policy we sell covers 4x4s, campervans up to 4.5T and up to 12 seater minibuses.

20. Do I need a separate policy for each rental car that I have? Yes.

Yes, you will need to get a new policy for each rental agreement.

21. Do you cover loan cars from car dealerships? NO

No, sorry we only cover licensed car rental companies at present.

22. Can I reduce my excess to $0?

Yes you can reduce your excess liability of $4000, $6000 down to $300 or $0.
We also cover $8000 excess.
See our products page: Products

23. Does your policy cover Roadside assistance and key loss?

Not specifically, as it just depends if these items come under the excess liability that the car rental companies slug you with. If so then the policy will cover it too.

24. Does your policy cover Admin & Loss of Use Fees ?

Not specifically or in short no, as it just depends if these items come under the excess liability of the car rental companies.

25. Does your policy cover Admin & Loss of Use Fees ?

Not specifically or in short no, as it just depends if these items come under the excess liability of the car rental companies.

26. What rental companies do you cover?

The Allianz policy cover all licensed vehicle rental companies in the world.
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