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How does Full Protection compare to rental companies?

Protection from is an alternative to the excess waivers that are offered at the rental desk for at least twice the price. Protection from helps you avoid high excess costs when renting a car. You’re covered for damage to a rental vehicle for 50% cheaper than similar protection sold at the rental desk.† It also covers many areas that rental companies don’t such as windscreens, lights, lost keys and other damage-related charges including towing, relocation, loss of use and administration fees.

How do I extend, shorten or cancel my Full Protection?

To extend, shorten or cancel your protection, you first need to login to your Account. To do this you’ll need your booking reference number which ends with “-INS”. You can find it in the subject line of your confirmation email from Once you are logged in to your Account, choose your policy and make any changes you’d like.

What if I change my rental vehicle or rental company?

Good news! You don’t need to change your protection. Your protection can be used for any rental company worldwide. Please note that there may be some vehicle types (for instance, supercars) are not covered by protection. Please check your specific wording to make sure if your rental vehicle is covered.

How do I make a claim?

To get started, visit You’ll need your booking reference number which ends with “-INS”. You can find it in the subject line of your confirmation email from

To make sure you are treated fairly by the rental company, please notify us via the claim form before you pay the rental company if the charges are likely to exceed $3,000. claim form.
Once you have submitted your claim, it will be assessed by one of our experts who will keep you posted on any more information they may need. Once approved, you will receive a payment link via email and text message. Payment is completed quickly by electronic transfer.

Will I need to pay a security deposit?

Rental companies may charge a higher security deposit if you refuse their excess waiver. When making your decision, factor in the saving from which is 50% cheaper on average compared to the rental company’s excess waiver price†.

What documents do I need to make a claim?

You will need photos or scans of these documents:

1. Your rental agreement from the rental company.

2. Your driver’s licence.

3. Bank statement showing your payment for the damage.

4. Final invoice from the rental company (available when the damage costs are settled - this may differ from your initial invoice).

5. We may also request that you provide an invoice showing the repair cost for damages.

6. Police report, if applicable.

7. All correspondence with the rental company.

Other documents may be requested by the RentalCover claims team.
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