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All claims are managed by Allianz Global Assistance

To make an online claim you can now go to this page:


Or you can follow these 3 steps to make an off line claim::

  1. Download and complete the relevant sections of the Allianz Global Assistance claim form .

  2. Provide copies of supporting documentation - detailed on the claim form.

  3. Provide documents to Allianz Global Assistance’s team for processing via post, fax or email.

Allianz Global Assistance contact details

Allianz Global Assistance will process your claim within 10 working days of receiving your completed claim form and all necessary documentation. If additional information is required, a written request will be sent to you within 10 working days.



1. How do I complete my claim form?

Please contact Allianz Global Assistance on 1300 725 154 where a consultant will discuss your claim with you and send out the relevant claim form if required.* please note your policy takes some 24 hours after registration to go into the Allianz Global Assistance system. It is important that you complete all relevant sections of the claim form as outlined in the instructions in step 1 of the claim form. It is compulsory that step 2 - claimant details and step 4 - payment details are completed fully, and you sign the declaration at the end of the claim form. In addition, you must complete the relevant sections of step 3 - claim information.

2. What documents do I need for my claim?

The documentation required to support your claim is listed under each section of step 3 of the claim form. It is important that you supply all information listed as this will help expedite the claim process.

3. I don't have the documents for my claim. Can I still submit it?

If you are unable to provide the documentation specified in the claim form, please include a covering letter with your claim form detailing why you cannot supply the documentation. A Case Manager will assess your claim and advise whether the information provided is sufficient to process your claim or if further documentation is required. Each claim will be assessed on its merits in relation to the terms and conditions of your policy.

4. Do I have to submit claim documents by post?

You are welcome to submit your claim via post, fax or email. In some circumstances, original documentation may be required to assess your claim. If this is the case, your Case Manager will be in contact with you to request this information. It is important that if you post all original documents to us you keep copies for your records.

5. How does depreciation work?

Under most policies managed by Allianz Global Assistance, depreciation applies to the loss, damage or theft of luggage and personal effects. It is important that you check your policy booklet for this information. If depreciation is to be applied, it is at rates as reasonably determined by Allianz Global Assistance. The depreciation applied is dependent upon the type of item being claimed and the age of the item. For the precise rates used for a given item please contact us.

6.How long do I have to lodge a claim?

Send your claim to us as soon as possible. Delay in sending your claim to us can sometimes cause problems in verifying information and collecting data to support your claim. The sooner we receive your claim with all supporting documentation, the sooner we can assess it for you.

7. How long will it take to process my claim?

We will assess your claim within 10 working days of receiving a completed claim form and all necessary documentation. If we need additional information a written request will be sent to you within 10 working days.

8. I have travel insurance with my credit card. Can I claim through Allianz Global Assistance?

Some credit cards may offer limited travel insurance benefits. If you believe that your credit card may have this benefit you can still claim through your travel insurance policy. Upon submission of your claim we may ask you to provide information about your credit card travel insurance, however any such requests will not slow down our processing of your claim, nor the settlement of your claim by us.

9. I can't find the answer to my question. Who can I contact?

If your question has not been answered here, or if you would like to discuss your claim further, please phone us on the phone number listed on the back of the Product Disclosure Statement that we sent you when you purchased your travel insurance policy. Claims and ciient service phone 1300 725 154 or email us at email @ and we will get an agent to contact you.
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