TripAdvisor Review on Tripcover Customer Claim

tripadvisorTripAdvisor Post from Barry R on Tripcover Claim  Process:

“I took out a nil excess policy with them for a seven day Hertz car hire. Hertz say I scratched their car which if I did was damage on damage, but then they hold all the cards.”

“Hertz froze $2,000 dollars on my credit card for 10 days till they decided the damage was $755. I claimed on line with Tripcover giving all the required documentation. With no other communication In a little over 10 days they credited direct to my bank account less a claim processing fee my $755.00”

“Tripcover worked for me, the only down side was carrying the $2,000 for ten days and then the $755 for another 10 days. I would use them again.”

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